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Intersessional Meeting of the Australia Group

14 February 2017
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The Intersessional Meeting of the Australia Group, a forum for export control of goods and sensitive dual-use technology that seeks to prevent chemical and biological weapon proliferation, is being held at the Palacio San Martín, on 14-16 February.

The Australia Group, which comprises 41 countries and the European Union, meets annually in order to discuss technological developments and keep national systems updated, taking into account the latest global challenges.

         The Foreign Affairs Secretary, Ambassador Pedro Villagra Delgado, delivered a welcome address to participants of the meeting presided over by Australia, which fostered the creation of the forum in 1985 and serves as its Permanent Secretariat.

         During the meeting, an open session was held for participation by industry and drug company representatives, so as to encourage inclusive dialogue with the private sector. The company Biogénesis Bagó offered a presentation showcasing its developments and products in the field of foot-and-mouth disease prevention.

         The Group’s member countries, on their part, deem it useful to foster the exchange of information and experiences with non-member countries. Therefore, given that this is the Group’s first Latin American meeting, Argentina, the host country, has invited South American countries to partake in this productive exchange.


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