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Forensic investigation into femicides: cooperation between Argentina, the Netherlands and Central America

13 April 2018
Información para la Prensa N°: 

"The Argentine Government has made a strong commitment to the promotion of gender equality, women's political, social and economic empowerment and the fight against gender-based violence. These policies are among the priorities of President Macri's administration," Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Raimondi stated as he closed the Seminar on "Forensic investigation in gender-based murder cases," which was opened last Monday at the Palacio San Martín. 

Alongside the Head of the Argentine Team of Forensic Anthropology (EAAF in Spanish), Luis Fondebrider, and specialists from Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, Raimondi underscored "the importance assigned by the Foreign Ministry to these technical cooperation activities that focus on new technical procedures, rules and international protocols on forensic investigation." 

The aim of the seminar, organized by the Argentine Foreign Ministry -through the General Directorate for International Cooperation- alongside the EAAF and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, was to train judicial officials responsible for investigating women's violent deaths and to promote the adoption of gender perspectives in the work of each institution.   

The seminar, which was run by EAAF professionals, focused on three themes: The first theme was forensic investigation in femicide cases and international standards on the subject. The second theme was sources for investigation and how to deal with them, and the third theme was the work of forensic pathologists and criminalistics.  

Raimondi highlighted that for Argentina "the joint work between governmental and non-governmental bodies, as well as exchanges between counterparts, are key mechanisms for addressing this cross-cutting issue facing our countries and show our commitment to the challenge and the need to build equal, inclusive and fair societies."   

This seminar was held within the framework of Argentina's growing interest in strengthening triangular cooperation with Latin American and Caribbean countries.  It is in this context that Argentina partnered with the Kingdom of the Netherlands, through two programmes on Human Rights for the benefit of third countries. These are initiatives that foster the creation of "multi-stakeholder partnerships" for sustainable development, combining governmental and non-governmental bodies.

Following this first meeting, Argentina and the Netherlands will carry out a two-year programme jointly with El Salvador, with the aim of strengthening public policies on sexual diversity in legislative bodies, comprehensive sex education and security forces.


 Press Release No. 148/18