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Foreign Ministers of the Region adopt commitment against corruption

13 April 2018
Información para la Prensa N°: 

In the context of the Eighth Summit of the Americas held in the city of Lima, Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie participated in the Foreign Ministers' Meeting during which, following intensive negotiations, the Lima Commitment titled "Democratic Governance Against Corruption" was adopted.

Tomorrow, Saturday 14 April, the main event of the Summit will take place in the context of the Plenary Session of Heads of State and Government of our continent, which President Mauricio Macri will attend. At the meeting, the leaders will sign the regional document against corruption.

"Addressing all governance issues and the impact of corruption on political systems, as well as on the democratic system in general, is at the core of Argentina's agenda," Minister Faurie explained.
The extensive document, which is the result of seven months of negotiations, includes concrete measures to fight corruption in our region, which address issues such as transparency, access to information, civil society participation in government affairs management, protection of informants, freedom of speech and education in democratic values.

The document also introduces measures which address the role of the private sector in the fight against corruption, the funding of political parties, transparency in public works and government procurement, exchange of information and legal evidence among prosecutor's offices, cooperation between the banking and judicial sectors, the strengthening of initiatives on asset recovery and measures against bribery and transnational bribery, among other matters.

The delegations from across the continent expressed their satisfaction at the outcome of the meeting, which revitalized the Summit mechanism with the adoption of the first action-oriented document in 13 years.

Press Release No. 145/18