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Argentina-Italy Business forum at the Palacio San Martín

08 May 2017
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In the context of the visit to Argentina by the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra and her Italian counterpart, Angelino Alfano, presided over the ARGENTINA-ITALY Business Forum today at the Palacio San Martín, alongside a large business delegation from the European country.

 “It is wonderful to see this place so overcrowded," Malcorra stated, witnessing the large attendance of private sector representatives from both countries and of the official Italian delegation this afternoon at the Palacio San Martín. "This fills us with satisfaction and pride because it is proof that we are achieving what we set out to do some months ago when we met for the first time in the context of President Renzi's visit, later ratified by President Macri's visit to Rome."

 “This progress is the result of the commitment from both governments but, above all, of the commitment from businesspeople, who felt that the lack of drive and activity of past years compelled them to work differently," stated Malcorra.

 The Argentine Foreign Minister added: "We are extremely pleased with how far we have come in these 17 months. This makes our commitment even greater, given that we are here to answer our people's call for a change: to create jobs and opportunities for all Argentines, especially those below the poverty line, and to do so not only with the participation of the Government -through employment or subsidies- but also with the participation of the business sector."

 The Forum, organized by the Argentine Foreign Ministry in collaboration with the Embassy of the Italian Republic in Argentina and the Italian Trade Agency (ICE), was attended by high-ranking officials and business representatives from both countries, with more than 40 Italian companies with an overall USD 300 billion turnover.

 “Some businesspeople are long-time partners and others seek association. These are difficult times on a global scale; the value of integration and global trade is being called into question. We have no doubts about this, particularly because Argentina has been a closed country that has chosen to establish relations with a select few," stated Malcorra at the forum, a propitious occasion to present the current economic context and business climate, as starting points to foster the creation of new trade and investment opportunities.

 “We are convinced that working with others and forging partnerships is the only way to build a better future for us all: by opening up to the world on the basis of Argentine priorities and goals. There is a profound understanding between Argentines and Italians that goes beyond language. When we work jointly and in an integrated manner, the bonds between Argentina and Italy and MERCOSUR and the EU are strengthened,” she concluded.

 The Argentine and Italian Republics have had a historically close and active relationship which is currently undergoing a new stage, which entails developing a positive agenda based on shared values, collaborating on a wide array of issues and broadening the scope of action in countless existing potentialities.

 The 44 Italian businesses that participated in the Argentina-Italy Business Forum alongside President Mattarella constitute the second business delegation from the European country that has visited Argentina, following the activities conducted in the context of the visit by the Italian Deputy Minister of Economic Development in May 2016. The Business Forum will facilitate the establishment of direct contacts between businesses from both countries, with a view to identifying new joint trade, investment and business opportunities. In addition, it will further develop the energy, infrastructure and transport, mechanics and high technology, and agroindustry sectors.


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